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Superfun hyper-casual game, don't miss out on this one!

Touch the football to juggle.
Juggle the football as many times as you can.
Be the best football juggler in the world!

Facebook login, leaderboard, choose from different football figures to juggle.


The best and easiest solution for those who wants to have a chat on their website. Setting up a chat can be very complex and expensive. But with this chat solution, no technical knowledge is required at all and it's only a one-time cost.

1. Buy and download this app.
2. Launch the app and register a new account.
3. Receive an email with the script for the chat.
4. Copy and paste the script into your website.

It's that easy :)

Sword Smack

Superfun hyper-casual game, don't miss out on this one!

Touch screen to shoot a sword.
Destroy donuts and bosses on your way.
Collect coins to buy new swords.

Endless levels, leaderboard, daily rewards, sword shop, player profile and so much fun.

Unity Portfolio

If you are new to unity and want to learn how to create games, then you are in luck. Take a look at my Unity Portfolio, you will find everything you need to start creating awesome games.

Ultimate game kit vol. 1
Ultimate game kit vol. 2
Ultimate teleporter scripts



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Nixonsworld is an Internet-based company.

Our focus is to produce and publish awesome games and apps

Our games are kid-firendly and very fun to play

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Create the best hyper-casual game ever.

Developing apps that make a difference to companies.

A world with no ads and free of charge to use.

Research why some games explodes on the market, and eventually create the best game ever.


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